Astrology Lilith

Astrology Lilith
Astrology Lilith

Astrology Lilith

Lilith is a positive female goddess figure, representing the matriarchy from the very beginning. In a general sense, Astrology Lilith evokes femininity, creative power, and efficiency, the struggle for independence and equality, seductive beauty, symbols of infidelity, forbidden relationships and high sexual desire. Lilith, who, according to mythology, was the first wife of Adam, is known as a strong woman who cared about freedom. Refusing to surrender to Adam, she leaves the Garden of Eden. Lilith, who is the subject of many stories and mythologies with this struggle for liberation and freedom that she gave, also represents the dark Moon, the point in orbit where the Moon is the farthest from the earth by astrologers. Lilith’s sign governs the combative attitude within us, how we deal with traditions and norms, how we express our anger and how we draw our boundaries.

Astrology Lilith

Astrology Lilith


Lilith Aries, one of the representatives of free spirits, are fed with the motive of competition. Lilith Aries, who can stand up to people they don’t like and fearlessly transfer their ideas to the opposite side, also attract attention with their high self-confidence.


Lilith Taurus, who live for their desires, can use all their strength to satisfy their senses.


The Lilith Gemini, whose biggest weapons are definitely their intelligence, can easily overcome the obstacles in front of them with the rational decisions they make.

The sign of Cancer

Lilith Cancer, whose emotional aspects can outweigh, which from time to time can lead to damage to healthy boundaries, can give up their own comfort for the well-being of others.


Lilith Leo, who are ready to roar just like the kings/queens of the wild when they are angry, can react harshly in the face of obstacles in their way.


Lilith Virgos can have a cold-blooded attitude when faced with a situation that presses their vein.


Lilith Scales, symbolizing balance and tranquility, can also be called representatives of justice and peace.


Although Lilith is not an official representative of the zodiac sign, many astrologers note that Lilith feels at home in Scorpio.


It may be right to say that Lilith Sagittarius, who live for new experiences and adventures, are crazy hedonists.


Lilith Capricorns, who have a kind of hunger that can be called insatiable for power, can step on the obstacles in front of them to reach this power.


Lilith Aquarians, known for their humanistic nature, are also quite open to new experiences.


Lilith Pisces, who feel a serious attachment to their habits, can be silent in the first place about the norms that suppress them or the situations that upset them, because they quite like to feel sorry for themselves.

Mythological story of Lilith

The divine feminine archetype of Lilith is very well known in the occult and mystical worlds. In Jewish folklore, Lilith was Adam’s first wife before Eve. According to mythology, God created both man and woman equally from the dust of the earth. When it was time to breed, Adam insisted that Lilith lie under him, since she was not equal to a man. Lilith refused, defying both Adam and God, and left, never to return. Her story is a power story that has aroused the interest of astrology enthusiasts, especially True Black Moon Lilith astrology. Mythological, Lilith is the devil’s companion, an evil seductress and destroyer of men, a seductive woman who turns into a blue, butterfly-like demon, an enemy of children, reveals the sex goddess in her! Lilith breaks taboos. It reveals your sexual fantasies and your dark shadow, your inner ‘farm’. Look at their Lilith to find out what people in your life turn them on and how they will react to events!

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