Astrology Vesta

Astrology Vesta
Astrology Vesta


Astrology Vesta was discovered in 1807. On our natal chart, Vesta represents the most sacred for us. In Asteroid Goddesses, Demetra George describes how the four great asteroids express different expressions of sexual energy: Vesta represents the sacred dimension of our sexuality and how our inner flame of desire turns into spiritual longing. A birth chart shows which zodiac sign Vesta is located in, what we place in the central position of our lives, what we take risks for and what we give up. In addition, the horoscope in which Vesta is located also contains important tips about sexual abstinence, frigidity, sexual discomfort and sexual problems. Vesta reminds us of our devotion to a spiritual path and the place where the holy one meets the holy one in our life. It also expresses itself in the ways in which we channel sexual energy and potential. A blocked Vesta energy can manifest itself in unrealized sexual potential or in the rejection of sexuality and passion – perhaps it is expressed in too traditional religious views. An unintegrated Vesta can also occur as a Freudian virgin-prostitute complex and as a segmentation of sexuality and spirituality as if they were incompatible with each other. Using sacred sexuality practices alone or with others brings the two together rather than decoupling them.

Astrology Vesta

Astrology Vesta

The influence of Vesta on horoscopes

Vesta Aries:

It focuses quickly with the ability to motivate, but it does not like the routine, the focus can change often. When it devotes itself to something, it may not be able to go to the end. It boldly jumps into the topic to which it is devoted quickly and without much thought, does what it needs to do, motivates, and encourages, initiates. It is brave.

Vesta Taurus:

It may take time for her to devote herself to something. It can’t focus on more than one thing and doesn’t want to change its focus.

Vesta Gemini:

It focuses better if it devotes itself to more than one job at the same time. The way it works and focuses is superficial, but multifaceted.

Vesta cancer:

It devotes herself with dedication. When it dedicates itself to something, it connects with its emotionally, protects it like a mother, feeds it, raises it.

Vesta Leo:

It devotes itself to creativity, love and courage. It focuses on directing, managing, guiding and giving reason, something that it is dedicated to, it is appreciated by everyone, it creates creative and original solutions, it is stage-oriented. It is energetic.

Vesta Virgo:

It devotes itself to detail, meticulously and obsessively. When it focuses on something, it focuses to the smallest detail.

Vesta Libra:

It devotes itself in a balanced way. It is always on the middle ground.

Vesta Scorpio:

It devotes itself passionately and sensitively. It helps emotionally, gives strength. It goes down to the source of the problem, gives deep-rooted transformations.

Vesta Aquarius:

It devotes itself to fanaticism. It believes in something that it is focused on to the fullest.

Vesta Capricorn:

It devotes itself to ambition. It is focused on success and career.

Vesta Pisces:

It devotes itself with sacrifice. It is more submissive than persistent. It can give up many things and sacrifice itself. It integrates itself with the subject or person to whom it is dedicated, becomes one with it. It thinks more of her than of itself. Imagination is high and can find artistic solutions. It is altruistic.

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