Blood type diet

Blood type diet
Blood type diet


During the 1996 a doctor called Peter D’Ademo researched and published a book about the different types of food that works for each blood type. He talked about how each blood type evolved and the reasons behind why some food might not be good for our blood type. He explained how we can live longer, be healthier and reach to the weight we always wanted if we follow and eat the right food for our blood type.


According to the book, the O blood group was the first type and the most ancient one, so it is believed that the majority of the ancient civilizations had O group. They depended on hunting animals for survival. And it is believed that O group people have stronger immune system than the rest.

After that, some of the population moved to other places for better life conditions, these people didn’t find animals to hunt so they started consuming more vegetables in their diet and depended less on meat. These environmental changes caused gene changes which led to developing a new type of blood, which was blood type A.

Then B blood group started appearing mostly in Mongolian and Caucasian people, it is believed that these people linked the B type between Europe and Asia. According to the author, blood group B refers to the word balance in their diet.

And the last blood type that appeared was AB, this is called the modern blood type since it is very rare. Only 5% of the mankind have AB blood group.This bood group is considered to have weaker immune system compared to the humans from other blood groups and they are more prone to infection and viruses, even covid-19 affected this blood group more than the others.

Blood type diet

Blood type diet



O GROUP: they should consume a diet rich in protein like meat, fish, and vegetables which will be good for their health but they should limit their consumption of beans and legumes. And they should avoid dairy products completely.

A GROUP: this group of people should consume vegetables and fruits, also its good for them to eat seafood and whole grains products but they should avoid meat and meat products. Dairy products can cause problems too.

B GROUP: they can consume a diverse and a balanced diet of both A and B groups. They can consume dairy, meat, eggs, vegetables. But they should only avoid chicken.

AB GROUP: those people should consume fruits and vegetables, dairy products, and fish. But they should avoid eating beans, wheat and chicken.

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